i wanted to have an encyclopedia of ingredients available that tells the story of each plant and ingredient used in my skin care line. i will be pulling from many resources and will keep this as up to date as possible.


Baobab-Adansonia digitata

Native to Africa, referred to as the "tree of life" referencing its normal life span of 500 years. It has a stable shelf life of 2 years is rich in Vitamins A, E, and F. This oil is quick to absorb into the skin, aids elasticity, hydration, firming and soothing of the skin. (Mtn. Rose Herbs)

"...highly emollient, and soothing. It is said to enhance skin elasticity and have an immediate skin-firming effect."(Milady p. 115)


Castor-Ricinus communis

"emollient carrier oil that penetrates the skin easily... it serves to bind different ingredientsof a cosmetic formulation together. It is obtained from cold pressing seeds or beans of the Ricinsu communis" ( Milady p. 135).

Evening Primrose- Oenothera biennis

This plant is native to North America and has golden-yellow ephemeral flowers. The oil is obtained from the seeds of the plant. A highly unsaturated oil that contains GLA, gamma linolenic acid, rarely found in plants. Both linolenic and gamma linolenic acids are classified as EFA's or essential fatty acids. EFA's are essential fats that the body needs but does not synthesize. Evening Primrose has high levels of vitamin F which helps with hormone problems such as menopause or painful periods. (Price, 98-101).

Evening primrose is ackowledged for its hydrating properties and its ability to develop normal skin barrier function. GLA is one of the EFA's responsible for maintaining the normal function of the epithelial barrier membrane. (Milady p 169)




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