2 oz. Flower/Clay/Honey Mask

2 oz. Flower/Clay/Honey Mask

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Facial Mask

gentle chamomile flowers, hydrating honey, detoxifying and mineralizing pink salt combined with the subtle stimmulating and exfoliating properties of rhassoul clay makes this a perfect weekly treatment for all skin types.

teaspoon to a tablespoon of dry ingredients depending on the area you want to cover. mix with equal parts liquid and apply with a mask brush and allow to remain on skin for 10-15 minutes.
for dry or sensitive skin or dehydrated skin types avoid allowing mask to dry by misting with hydrosol or covering mask with a damp compress.

+blend with you choice of liquid to activate the dry ingredients: teas- green or red for anti-oxidants, Apple Cider Vinegar or Yogurt for exfoliation or resurfacing, Hydrosol for subtle exposure to the benefits of essential oils, Honey to hydrate and pull from pores.

rhassoul clay, chamomile flowers, honey, himalayan pink salt.